This page contains Frequently Asked Questions asked by MANY people who have contacted us regarding our puzzles. We hope this page helps to clarify any of your questions. If it does not, feel free to ask us your question, and we will be happy to answer you.


Q: Where can I purchase Lorenzo Puzzle ?

A: Lorenzo Puzzle’s are sold exclusively by us online. We prefer to deal directly with you the customer. This is to ensure there is a clear and direct route of communication. The personalized nature of our puzzles means that from time to time we may need to be able to contact you to discuss your requirements, and you have the peace of mind knowing where we are if you need us. This process is simpler, faster, and more cost-effective than dealing with other suppliers and retailers.

Q: Do you have any ‘off the shelf’ puzzles that you can send me today?

A: Yes! We have several puzzles in stock that can be shipped immediately. These are hand crafted in advance to the same high standard as our custom made puzzles. Because these puzzles are already cut, they offer no room for personalization. Usually these puzzles can be shipped the same day you order. Visit our online shop to see what puzzles are available for immediate delivery, or contact us for options.

Q: Do you have a catalogue you can send me?

A: No. All of the puzzles we offer are listed on the Lorenzo Puzzle website. Fancy brochures and marketing materials are great, but costly. To keep the cost of our puzzles down we keep our non-essential marketing to a minimum.

Q: Do you have any puzzles for children?

A: Our puzzles are made with adults and teens in mind. We don’t recommend leaving children unattended with our jigsaws as puzzle pieces are a choking hazard and may have sharp edges and points. We would recommend that all children under 7 should be supervised around jigsaws. Some of our themes may be unsuitable for children – obviously use your own judgment.

Q: What’s a “whimsy piece”?

A: Pieces that are bespoke shaped are called whimsy pieces.  Some of our puzzles contain “figurative whimsy pieces” that are recognizable as objects. Some of our puzzles have what we call “firebird whimsies”- these are whimsy pieces that are specially decorated but aren’t in the shape of an object.  We apreciate that some puzzlers don’t like whimsy pieces because they make the puzzle easier, so we also offer some difficult  puzzles for extreme puzzlers, without any whimsy pieces.

Q: Do I need to take any special steps to look after your puzzles ?

A: Lorenzo Puzzle will last for decades if you treat them with a little tlc. They are easy to look after. The only thing you need to be careful of  is some of our whimsy pieces which may be a little fragile. So be careful when breaking the puzzles up after use. In the unlikely event you break a piece or if you find a peeling corner a bit of wood glue will remedy the problem. Always store the puzzle back in its box away from moisture.

Q: How are the puzzles made?

A: We start of with the finest piece of wood. The design/photo/ or artwork is added. Then every piece of every puzzle is hand cut on a scroll saw with the finest, smallest, saw blades available. Every single piece of puzzle is inspected, hand sanded and clined from dust. We have very high standards. No puzzle leaves our studio unless it meets these standards of puzzle perfection. We want you to be delighted with your puzzle. Why not take a look at the video on our home pagewhich takes you through the whole process?

Q: Do you do custom work?


Custom orders are what Lorenzo Puzzle is all about. Please feel free to ask for changes to one of the puzzles you see listed in our shop.

If you don’t quite see what you are looking for here? Please contact us now. We are very adaptable and creative so we can create you a bespoke puzzle. Please ask for changes to our listed puzzles or let us know your ideas and we will turn them into a reality. Why not ask us for a quote?

Q: What if I don’t love my puzzle?

A: We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction record and we want you to be completely delighted with your puzzle. Please feel free to speak to us about anything before and during the order process. We are here to answer any questions and to advise you. We will send you proofs of your puzzle if required, extra photos, and do everything to make sure you are totally delighted by the puzzle you receive.

Q: Can I change my order?

A: Absolutely! You have the option of changing your mind about your order right up until the time the puzzle is cut. Hopefully you will have all the information you need before you place your order, if you’re not sure about something, please ask!



Q: Do I need a PayPal account to purchase?

A: No, you don’t need to register with PayPal to make a purchase, you can use either a Credit / Debit card or a PayPal account if you are already registered.

Q: Will my personal information be kept confidential?

A: Yes, any information that you send to Lorenzo Puzzle will be kept 100% confidential and will not be sold or given to anyone under any circumstance.

Q: Is it safe to order from Lorenzo Puzzle?

A: Absolutely, PayPal handle all our payments and we never see your credit / debit card details. We only use your email address to contact you if there is a problem and your postal address to send your puzzle to.

Q: Where can you deliver Lorenzo Puzzle to?

A: Everywhere. We deliver our Lorenzo Puzzle to every country in the world.

Q: What method of shipping do you use

A: We ship our packages by Royal Mail recorded delivery. We have insurance and delivery confirmation. Across the whole of the the UK this is a 2-3 business day service. For overseas customers please see our International shipping policy.

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: International Customers- please contact us before ordering so we can work out your shipping costs and estimated delivery times. We will send you a detailed invoice.This usually takes 14 business days, but varies by country. Tracking information is provided for international orders.



Q: What type of Weading Guestbook Puzzle should I order

A: It’s totally up to you. Currently we have got 3 types of guestbook puzzles in our shop: Tree Shape Wedding Guestbook Puzzle, Photo Wedding Guestbook Puzzle, and Square Wedding Guestbook Puzzle. Bear in mind Lorezno Puzzle is all about custom orders and You are more than welcome to came up with Your own idea – send us Your inquire.

Q: How many Pieces will I need ?

A: Normally less than you think! As a rule we recommend you order  between 60% and 80% of your expected guest count. Unless you are giving a piece to every place setting you won’t need a piece per person. If you order too many you may end with too many blanks in your puzzle. In our experience not everyone attending will sign,  couples and families often sign as one. On this occassion less is more, as it’s better to have every piece signed rather than leave unsightly blanks.


Q: How big are the puzzle pieces?

A: Most of our puzzle pieces are about 2″ x 2″ in size. We have found this to be the perfect size to write a clear message.

Q: How many pens will I receive and how easy is to write on the pieces??

A: Our pens are the perfect materials for the wood type of the puzzle, they write smoothly and beautifully on the surface. We provide 2 quality pens as standard and this is normally enough depending on where you are planning to do the activity. However, if you are having the pieces on every table you may require more. If you do think you will need more pens we can supply them for a small cost.

So that you and your guests feel relaxed about not ‘ruining the puzzle’ we will supply you with some scraps of wood – usually from the same board your puzzle is cut from. You can rest easy and practice your writing. These are perfect for testing your writing materials such as pens and paints. These pieces will be sanded smoothly in the same style as your puzzle so you can have a trial run!

Q: How easy is to write on the pieces?

A. So that you and your guests feel relaxed about not ‘ruining the puzzle’ we willl supply you with some scraps of wood – usually from the same board your puzzle is cut from. You can rest easy and practice your writng. These are perfect for testing your writing materials such as pens and paints. These pieces will be sanded smoothly in the same style as your puzzle so you can have a trial run!

Q: What resolution does the image need to be? (Photo puzzle only)

A: 2070×1380 pixels (or greater) is best. A digital image sent via e-mail is preferred. Choose a high resolution .jpg image at least 300 dpi if you are scanning a photo yourself. It is best to scan a glossy photo if you have a choice. We will use the digital image you supply to order a real photo enlargement or poster

Q: HOW LONG will it take?

A: Lorenzo Puzzle guest books are personally crafted by human hand, we take pride in our work and create one piece at a time. We use the best materials and methods available. Our current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (+shipping). We work this way to ensure quality and standards are kept high. We would rather turn away orders than sacrifice quality.

Q: Will I get to check my order before I receive it?

A: We know you’ll want everything to be perfect, and so do we! So if you are adding extra features for example sculpted dropouts, text, or figure pieces, we will make a template and send you a copy of the image. We won’t do any cutting until you are sure you are happy with the size and placement of the pieces. After we have received your confirmation that everythings just as you want it, we will start the cutting. We will also send you some photos of the completed puzzle. At Lorenzo puzzle we strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rating, so if you do have special requests or a change of heart before cutting, it’s not a problem!

Q: I am in a hurry, can you do it quicker???

A: If you have left it to the last minute to order your puzzle, worry not! Contact us and we will put you through a rush order (orders permitting). We will discuss your deadline and where possible we will set you up a  custom listing for you with a rush fee included. This will not affect the quality of your product we will still ensure it goes through all our stringent quality control checks.

Q: Are they only for weddings?

A: Absolutely not! Puzzle guest books are a unique way to celebrate a range of special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, family reunions, christenings, graduations, baby showers etc. Speak to us and we will show you how they can be personalized to suit the occasion.