SIZE: 5”x5”’ (approx)
MATERIAL: 1/4″ Italian Birch Plywood

PRICE: £24.00

This custom wooden jigsaw puzzle is made with a vintage Christmas illustration.
Think of your grandma, or a co-worker, a secret santa gift – just about anyone who’d like a touch of Christmas! Wooden jigsaw puzzles are strong and sturdy and last for generations – they’re great collectibles.

There will be more Christmas puzzles coming to the shop soon!

This puzzle has been carefully hand crafted using 1/4″ Italian Birch Plywood and extremely fine blades. The back has been smoothly hand sanded.


Earlet Cut (inc . colour line cut and irregular boundary). Earlets are a classic form of puzzle tab, most distinctively used in the wonderful puzzles of days past.
No guide picture is supplied, since serious puzzlers generally prefer to work without one. If you think you will need a guide, please print the image from this listing.
Lorenzo Puzzle

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