SIZE: 3” x 8.5”
OTHER: Irregular boundary


The decorative panel for COWSLIP and FEATHER are mirror-images three quarter portraits of two young women. COWSLIP is a brunette, and wears circlet of gold in her hair. FEATHER has blond hair worn in a loss chignon, decorated with exotic jewel, matching the jewelled pendants on her dress. Each looks down towards the cowslip and feather in hand. COWSLIP holding a large bouquet of flowers with one flower held close to her face. FEATHER looks at the quill and foliage she holds in her left hands. Each illustration has the familiar circle framing the head. COWSLIP has decorative flowers, while FEATHER has geometric shapes. This puzzle has been carefully hand crafted using 1/4″ Italian Birch Plywood and extremely fine blades. The back has been smoothly hand sanded.


Earlet Cut (inc . colour line cut and irregular boundary). Earlets are a classic form of puzzle tab, most distinctively used in the wonderful puzzles of days past.
No guide picture is supplied, since serious puzzlers generally prefer to work without one. If you think you will need a guide, please print the image from this listing.
Lorenzo Puzzle

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